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This page aims dissemination of design, development and building of small pleasure craft for navigation at open sea.

In these pages we have focused our experience in designing and building Greenlandic kayak and Canadian type  canoe. INUIT kayaks are characterized by hydrodynamic lines that facilitate navigation in the open sea waves, thanks to the graceful forms of its bow and stern. Despite the small ratio between the sleeve and the length, they are designed to provide greater stability than others of its kind.

Our designed kayaks, are inspired by the shapes of the vessels of "Inuit", adapting the design of "Stitch & Glue" building method. At same time, canoe models are inspired on Canadian type and built also using the same construction method.

INUIT - Kayaks design  their boats under the   R & D + i concept, in the context of science, technology and society. Therefore, it is to seize the appearance on the market of new materials with properties that allow a reduction in weight, elasticity and flexibility as well as increased resistance and reduced costs, such as new plastics and thermoplastic polymers as substitutes wood.

All our kayaks hulls have been tested for their hydrodynamic conditions, seaworthiness and speed curve obtained both through special programs and  experiences channels. In addition, we have included innovations in the type of construction from the experience, always trying to solve problems that can arise the novel builder in these technologies, and the application of innovative systems assembly boards by the application of new materials and assemblies, such as the use of plastic and system "dovetail".

Our designs include as additional components the followings:

  • Development side and deck plates in Bisel or Dovetail  formats.

  • Bulkheads and cross sections.

  • Externals "Forms" as Hull construction aid.

  • Full  Kayak Building Manual.

  • Hatches Plans.

  • Materials List .

  • Recommended tools List.

  • Topcoats.

Some people who own power tools and enjoy woodworking want to build their own kayak from plans.  They want to do the whole process themselves.  For these people, we design full construction plans for our kayaks.  Plan sets include fully-illustrated construction manual, full parts and material lists, and a list of necessary tools and equipment.



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